Photo albums

Celebration Event Photography 


Koie & Thomas - Happy Wedding

photography for framed arts

fine arts for home decoration

personalized art works

Leena and Akhil.jpg

Leena & Akhil - Happy Birthday

Granny Po.jpg

Granny Po - Happy Birthday


AOFEI - Grand  Opening Ceremony

NTT football.jpg

NTT football competition

Cat - birthday.jpg

Cat - Happy Birthday

AT - Karaoke.jpg

AT - Karaoke Competition

AT - anniversary.jpg

AT Lux anniversary

Granny Ho.jpg

Granny Ho - Happy Birthday

Kelly Andrew.jpg

Kelly & Andrew, pre wedding

KBS - Mid Autumn Festival


Winnie party.jpg

Furry friends - Merry Christmas

KBS - Easter.jpg

KBS - Easter

KBS Christmas.jpg

KBS - Merry Christmas

Candy and Kevin.jpg

Candy & Kevin -The Big Day 

JJ - K3 graduation.jpg

K3 graduation